Thank you from your winner – Frank!

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in the event. It was very fun to answer the questions that I knew and also many that I had to look up myself beforehand! I hope that every student in the chat was able to find out more about being a scientist and maybe some were even inspired to become one as well.

I also hope that every question I answered was useful to someone and that they gained as much from it as I tried to put into it! It was a shame not to be able to answer every one that I was asked and I apologise to anyone who did not get an answer from me during the chat. Have no fear that I will try my best to reply to everyone who sent me a message afterwards!

Also the scientists in the Holmium group who I was with were amazing and in some ways I’m a bit embarrassed to have won since everyone did such a great job. Zena, Jared, Isabel and Ian were fantastic and so enthusiastic towards any question that came through, from “what is space time?” or “if an explosion happens in space does it go on forever?” to “which football team do you support?”. I think that it was really worthwhile that they put the same amount of effort into answering tough scientific questions as they did general questions about their daily life, since this helped to bridge the gap between the students’ lives and our own. I also felt that all of us really wanted to help the students not only with their curiosities about the world around us but also their aspirations for the future. If I was a student in one of the chat rooms I would have loved to be talking to such a great group of people.

A big thank you to all the guys working on I’m a Scientist Get me out of here. I am looking forward to using their funding from the to purchase and build a Watt balance out of Lego. We aim to use it for our research group and department’s outreach programme for visiting schools. I really would have loved to get a chance to do something like that when I was younger so hopefully by doing so we can inspire local school children and give them a chance to explore how much fun investigating science can be.

I chose to take part in I’m a Scientist Get me out of here because I enjoy teaching and showing people the pleasure of finding things out. It definitely allowed me to achieve this and I hope everyone else who took part got as much out of it as I did. I have found that my favourite scientists are able to present any idea, no matter how complicated it is, to an audience who may have no experience in such matters. Consequently, I say to any scientist out there who is thinking of taking part that there are few better opportunities to practice this ability and I have really gained a lot from it!


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  1. 456hmmb32 says:

    Well done Frank.

  2. 536hmmb23 says:

    well done frank your the winner

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