• Question: Do you get contradicted by religous people often?

    Asked by C1@n m&k£nn0 to Frank on 25 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Frank Longford

      Frank Longford answered on 25 Mar 2015:

      Personally, no. My work does not border on the realms of religious belief – most people are pretty ok with atoms and molecules existing and finding out why they behave they do in terms of electric forces doesn’t contradict anything written in religious texts that I’m aware of.

      However, since I do not have any religious beliefs I would disagree with other ideas of how the world works in general that aren’t scientific (and some of the scientific ones I disagree with too)!. But that’s my personal choice and I’ve used scientific theory to reach that. I’ve looked over as much evidence as possible for either case and decided that one way fits my understanding of the world much better than the other. If someone looked through the same evidence and made a different decision then that’s fine. The only way to find out which way is correct is to make a prediction and design an experiment to test this prediction. Unfortunately no experiment can prove or disprove the existence of God.

      So in short… no, I don’t get contradicted because religion can’t be proven with scientific theory. The two don’t mix and it’s useless to try and make them mix. Which means that scientists can still be religious and believe in a God but they don’t use their beliefs in their research.