• Question: how can you stop blood clot please ansre?

    Asked by 449hmmb29 to Frank, Ian, Isabel, Zena on 18 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Isabel Pires

      Isabel Pires answered on 18 Mar 2015:

      The best way to deal with blood clots is to prevent them.
      Some people have a higher tendency to have them because their blood is thicker, so they have to take special medication for the rest of their lives to keep their blood thinner so the blood clots don’t form.
      High blood pressure can help blood clots form, so avoiding stress and leading a healthy life is good, and drinking plenty of water!
      People should also avoid sitting for too long (like for example if that person is travelling on a train or plain for many hours), so they should try to walk about every 2-3 hrs or so.
      People can also get special socks that can help blood clots not forming. I had an operation a few months ago and, because I had to stay seated a lot and after an op your body gets thicker to help with the healing, I had to wear some. They are not the most fashionable item of clothing but their are very useful…

      If, unfortunately, a patient is diagnosed as having a blood clot, the doctors will give him or her strong medication to try and dissolve it.