• Question: whats the best diet for a football player

    Asked by THAT GUY CALLED JEFF to Zena, Jared, Isabel, Ian, Frank on 16 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Zena Hadjivasiliou

      Zena Hadjivasiliou answered on 16 Mar 2015:

      I am no nutritionist, but I think that a football player, like most athletes, should have a balanced and healthy diet! Avoid eating lots of fried food, like chips and fried chicken, or fatty food like burgers and bacon. Grilled or baked chicken and fish, eggs and pulses are very good sources of protein! Also, fruit and veggies are very good sources of vitamins that are important for a strong body!

    • Photo: Isabel Pires

      Isabel Pires answered on 16 Mar 2015:

      As Zena mentioned, it is thought that athletes should eat healthily – but eat lots of energy rich foods, in the form of protein rich foods, but avoid fast foods. Did you know beans and other pulses are very good protein sources if you are a vegetarian or cannot eat meat or fish?